2013 MCAS: We're #1 Again in 10th Grade ELA!

We are proud to announce that CCSC was again among the highest-performing public schools in Massachusetts based on the just-released 2013 MCAS scores.

For the second consecutive year CCSC earned a #1 ranking in English Language Arts (ELA) on the 10th grade MCAS exam, with 100% of students scoring either advanced (63%) or proficient (37%) on the test.

As impressive, our Student Growth Percentile (SGP) scores continue to be among the strongest in the state across all grades. Our 7th graders ranked 5th and our 10th graders ranked 10th statewide for their SGP, which measures the median rate of learning growth over time. For the second year, the SGP for 10th grade ELA topped 80%. Our SGP scores were in the top 10% of schools for 7th grade math and 8th grade ELA and math.

“Learning growth is the one of the main benchmarks by which we measure the effectiveness of our academic program,” says CCSC Head of School Caleb Hurst-Hiller. “Students come to us with a wide range of abilities and many arrive several grade levels behind when they enroll in 7th, 8th or 9th grade. As such, if we are going to prepare them for post-secondary success, the rate at which they catch up and ready themselves for the academic rigors ahead is of critical importance. These outstanding rates of learning growth are a testament to our faculty’s skill and commitment. Adding a 6th grade to our program starting in the fall of 2014 will give us even more time to close gaps, if they exist, and push students towards readiness standards aligned with success in college and beyond.” 

On the 10th grade math test, 90% of CCSC students scored advanced (71%) or proficient (19%), placing us among the top one-third of schools in the state. “For the past two years we earned a #1 ranking in math (100% advanced or proficient). It’s a measure of how high we set the bar that we’re not completely satisfied with 90%, even though no 10th grade student failed the math exam. We will continue to aim high and keep our eye on the big picture: preparing students for college and post-secondary success,” says Mr. Hurst-Hiller.

On the 9th grade physics exam, 81% of CCSC students scored advanced or proficient. No students failed the physics exam for the fifth year in a row.

About CCSC
Founded in 2005, CCSC is a charter public school for 360 students in grades 7-12. CCSC students come from Cambridge, Boston, and 19 other towns. Ninety-five percent are students of color, 60% are from low-income families that qualify for the federal meal program, and 20% qualify for special needs support. In 2014-15, CCSC will add a 6th grade.

Hallmarks of CCSC’s program are highly skilled teachers, an extended school day, and a culture of high expectations for all students. The school’s small size ensures a high level of individual attention and support for all students. Since 2009, all graduating seniors at CCSC have gained college admission, 90% of them to four-year schools. Capitalizing on the school’s Kendall Square location, a cornerstone of the CCSC experience is a required senior internship that provides students with a meaningful real world experience at local businesses and nonprofits.