Fall Benchmark Exams 10/26-10/28

Students will be taking benchmark exams in each of their core courses Wednesday 10/26 through Friday,10/28, and there will be an early dismissal day for students on Monday, 10/31. 

  • Dismissal: Dismissal times will vary, and students will receive personalized schedules the week before benchmark exams begin. Please encourage your student to share his/her schedule with you and have a conversation with him/her about how they plan to prepare for these important tests.
  • Bus Service: Due to the atypical dismissal times, bus service will not run on the Wednesday (10/26) of benchmark exams. There will be bus service at 11:30am on Thursday (10/27), Friday (10/28), and on the Monday (10/31) following benchmark exams. 
  • After School Programming: After school learning centers will not be held on benchmark exam days, but Behavior Reflection will be held on all three benchmark exam days. Wednesday Support on 10/26 will be the normal duration -- two hours. 
  • Lunch: Lunch will be held on Wednesday and Thursday of Benchmarks (10/26 ,10/27) but will not be provided to students on Friday (10/28). The Monday following benchmark exams, 10/31, is an early dismissal day, when students will be dismissed at 11:30. 
  • Preparing for Benchmarks: Please make sure that your child gets good rest before his/her benchmark exams, and that he/she eats breakfast in the morning before each test.