Upcoming Middle School MCAS testing April 25 and 26

On Tuesday, April 25th and Wednesday, April 26th (the week following April vacation), middle school students will take part in English Language Arts MCAS testing. This is the first year that CCSC is administering computer-based MCAS. This message contains a resource to help students prepare for testing, as well as some important notes about testing days.

  1. Resource page: Students can review how the test works by working through the TestNav Tutorial. They can also take practice tests!
  2. Notes about state testing days:  
    1. Timing: Testing will start promptly after morning meeting each day. Students will remain at school through the school day. Because students are allowed to test until 3:40 every testing day (as long as they are working productively,) we will call parents/guardians if your child will be testing past 1:30pm on Wednesday. Children who use the extra testing time may use the school’s phone to call a parent/guardian when they have completed testing.
    2. Sleep and nutrition: Getting a good night’s sleep is especially beneficial before test days. Eating a healthy breakfast (either at home or at school) makes a big difference in student success.
    3. Electronics: Electronics (cell phones, iPods, smart watches, etc.) are not allowed to be in a student’s possession during state testing.  Any electronic devices that are found in a student’s possession during testing will be confiscated, and a parent/guardian will need to come to school to retrieve them. If it is discovered that a student has used electronic devices during testing, their test results will likely be invalidated and they will earn a zero for that day’s testing. Thus, we prefer that your child leave electronic devices at home on testing days. Any student who does bring an electronic device to school will be required to turn it off and give it to the proctor.


This is a chance for our students to demonstrate how much they have improved academically.  We are excited to see how our students do and proud of the dedication they show on a daily basis.  Thank you for all you do to support our CCSC scholars.