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Seven students were formally inducted to the Community Charter School of Cambridge Chapter of the National Honor Society at a ceremony on November 28. NHS membership is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a high school student, as it reflects not only outstanding scholarship and excellent character, but a record of leadership and service in the community.

Already known for its academically rigorous college preparatory program, Community Charter School of Cambridge this year expanded its Advanced Placement curriculum to include AP Chemistry to offer an additional level of challenge to high-achieving students. CCSC also offers AP English Language and Composition and AP Calculus.

“One of the real benefits of a charter school like ours, and charter schools in general, is that we have the flexibility to adjust our academic program to ensure that we are always meeting the needs of our students,” said Caleb Hurst-Hiller, CCSC head of school. “By adding new AP courses each year, we are able to push our high-achieving students – and we have quite a few of them here – to new heights.”

CCSC’s College Counseling Office, now housed in the school’s newly renovated “Annex” space at 255 Bent Street, is humming with activity this fall, as the school’s 32 seniors are deeply immersed in the college application process.

With deadlines for early decision applications coming up next month, the school will hold its annual College Application Boot Camp for all seniors on the afternoon of October 17. Faculty and volunteers will be present to help students review their applications and essays. Applying for financial aid and scholarships will be the topic of a November 7 event for all senior families.

Other highlights of CCSC’s fall college counseling calendar include:

On October 1, we held a special lunchtime celebration to recognize the hard work and scholarship that earned our Class of 2014 a #1 ranking statewide on the math and English MCAS tests they took as 10th graders last spring. Their outstanding outstanding achievement also earned them media coverage by (read the story here).

The event also honored the Class of 2013, who had ranked #1 in MCAS math the year prior. (A #1 MCAS ranking means that all students in the grade scored either advanced or proficient on the subject tested.)

Among those present to congratulate the students were: Head of School Caleb Hurst-Hiller (pictured), Founder and former Head Paula Evans,Upper School Principal Chris Cook, Humanities Teacher Henry Seton, Math Teacher Tabitha Schober, and CCSC supporter and landlord Charles Laverty.

Community Charter School of Cambridge (CCSC) is proud to announce that our 10th graders placed #1 in both English and math among 348 high schools statewide taking the MCAS exams in the spring of 2012. These scores make CCSC one of only five public schools, and only three charters, in the state where 100% of 10th graders scored advanced or proficient in both English and math.

Watch the students celebrate the good news in a brief video.