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On October 1, we held a special lunchtime celebration to recognize the hard work and scholarship that earned our Class of 2014 a #1 ranking statewide on the math and English MCAS tests they took as 10th graders last spring. Their outstanding outstanding achievement also earned them media coverage by (read the story here).

The event also honored the Class of 2013, who had ranked #1 in MCAS math the year prior. (A #1 MCAS ranking means that all students in the grade scored either advanced or proficient on the subject tested.)

Among those present to congratulate the students were: Head of School Caleb Hurst-Hiller (pictured), Founder and former Head Paula Evans,Upper School Principal Chris Cook, Humanities Teacher Henry Seton, Math Teacher Tabitha Schober, and CCSC supporter and landlord Charles Laverty.

Community Charter School of Cambridge (CCSC) is proud to announce that our 10th graders placed #1 in both English and math among 348 high schools statewide taking the MCAS exams in the spring of 2012. These scores make CCSC one of only five public schools, and only three charters, in the state where 100% of 10th graders scored advanced or proficient in both English and math.

Watch the students celebrate the good news in a brief video.

In an effort to further strengthen the school’s academic program and standing, Community Charter School of Cambridge has appointed Becky Wilusz as its new Dean of Curriculum and Program. Ms. Wilusz joined CCSC this summer in time to oversee the school’s Teacher Mentor Program for new faculty.

As Dean of Curriculum and Program, Ms. Wilusz’s primary goal will be to ensure that the education students receive continues to be top notch.  “The best news about this goal is that CCSC is in an incredibly strong place already—our 10th graders’ remarkable MCAS results are just one measure of our successful approach to bringing out the best in each student,” she said. (In 2012, 100% of CCSC sophomores scored advanced or proficient in both math and English, earning CCSC at #1 ranking out of more than 350 schools statewide.)

One of the ways Community Charter School of Cambridge helps students achieve success in high school and gain admission to some of the area’s top colleges and universities can be traced to the investment CCSC makes in its new teachers.

Each fall, every new classroom teacher is matched with mentor teachers, experienced educators who coach, guide, and support first and second-year teachers. The Teacher Mentor Program is a very important part of the school’s commitment to student and staff success, says Becky Wilusz, dean of curriculum and program at CCSC.

“Teaching is such a complex job - and the support and guidance from experienced educators enables teachers who are new to the profession, or to a specific school community, to learn more quickly and thus be as effective as possible at their very important job,” she says.      

CAMBRIDGE _ For the second consecutive year, Community Charter School of Cambridge has opened “at capacity”, meaning there is a student occupying every available seat in the small Kendall Square area public charter school.

“To be at capacity is a double-edged sword for us,” said Caleb Hurst-Hiller, CCSC’s Head of School. “On the one hand, we are pleased to be an ‘in demand’ or ‘oversubscribed’ school. On the other hand, it never feels good to turn away students.”

The school’s wait-list for seventh, eighth, and ninth grade seats has 472 names on it. Under its state-approved charter, CCSC can admit a maximum of 360 students. Once those seats are filled, the school creates a waiting list.  “We’ve had a waiting list for years, and last year’s wasn’t short ” Mr. Hurst-Hiller said. “But this year, that list is much, much longer.”

To better meet demand, the school expanded this summer into vacant space in an adjacent building, adding more classrooms, work space, and conference space for staff and students.  The boom in enrollment didn’t impact the vibe of students or teachers on the first day.