Advisory Program

The CCSC advisory program ensures that each and every one of our 360 students forms a close and lasting relationship with at least one adult in the school community: his or her advisor. Every new student is assigned to an advisor, most often a teacher, who becomes the primary liaison between the student, the family, and the administration for the duration of the student’s CCSC experience. An advisory group consists of 10-12 students from the same grade, and the advisor remains with the same group of students every year.

Advisors check in with their advisees every day during Morning Meeting, and advisory groups meet for two 60-minute blocks during the week. The advisor closely monitors the academic progress of his/her advisees in all courses, and contacts the family if a student is struggling in any area. Advisors check in with families after each quarterly grade report, and more often if academic or behavior issues arise between grading periods. The advisor also monitors the student’s emotional wellbeing and can alert teachers and/or the guidance counselor, if necessary. We encourage families to let the advisor know if issues outside of school may be impacting the student’s wellbeing, and to use the advisor as their primary liaison at school.

The curriculum for advisory meetings varies from grade to grade. Some meetings are structured around a grade-wide discussion topic, and others allow time for informal relationship building. In the middle school, advisory meetings tackle grade-specific issues like health and wellness and the appropriate use of social media and cyber-bullying. In grades 9-11, advisory meetings are used to discuss the college application process, and apply to extracurricular and summer enrichment programs. Specifically, the 9th grade curriculum focuses on a health and wellness for part of the year during advisory. Senior Seminar, which focuses on college applications and the financial aid process with the college counselor, takes place in 12th grade advisory.