Student and Family Handbook

The 2017-18 handbook forms are below:

The CCSC Student and Family Handbook sets forth the school's important policies and procedures. We ask every member of the school community to read it carefully. All students receive a printed copy on the first day of school.

CCSC offers students a strong academic framework to prepare every student for college. The CCSC faculty and staff work individually with each student to ensure that every member of our student body is intellectually challenged and supported.

The Code of Conduct, including our discipline policy and dress code, is designed to support the academic program and to provide clear behavioral guidelines for students. It is critical that students are respectful, orderly, and focused during the school day. CCSC does not tolerate disruption; every single day and every single class are critical to our students’ success. We have no time to waste.

Translations of the 2017-18 handbook are available in Haitian Creole and Spanish (see below). Interpretive services are available upon request for additional languages, such as Amharic.

CCSC Student and Family Handbook (Haitian Creole)

CCSC Student and Family Handbook (Spanish)