Student Services

Our Vision
Our vision is to support healthy academic, career, and socio-emotional development of all CCSC students through partnership with families, students, faculty, and community constituents. By implementing proactive programming, school counselors and faculty will assist all students in realizing their talents, addressing their barriers to learning, understanding their goals, and coaching them towards successful and empowered citizenship.
Our Program
Community Charter School of Cambridge aims to create an environment that supports the academic, social, and emotional well-being of all students.  CCSC provides preventative and intervention services within the school, and also provides students and families with relevant information on community-based resources. College guidance is also included within the Student Services department.

Our school counselors are accessible to students and families during the school day.  In collaboration with a school counselor, students and families can explore support service options ranging from school-based support, college counseling, to a referral for support at a community agency or with your primary care physician.
CCSC maintains a collection of resources for students and families centered around issues ranging from community-based counseling to college guidance.
Duty of Care
Should a mental health crisis occur during the school day, it will be handled in the same manner as a medical emergency.  A parent/guardian will be contacted first.  In the event that a parent cannot be located, school officials may choose to take action independently, as they would in a medical emergency. The student will not be allowed back into school grounds without a doctor’s note. If a student is at harm to oneself, others or someone is at harm to the student, by law, the Director of Guidance and Counseling is required to report information to the appropriate agencies.