Summer Reading 2016

Students in all grades are required to complete summer reading and writing assignments by the first day of the 2016-17 school year (August 31, 2016). 

For grades 6-11 there is 1 required book and 1 optional book that students may read for honors credit. We will publish the writing assignments in early June. Seniors have 2 required books (1 for English and 1 for history). 

Students have all summer to complete the assignments. They should be prepared to discuss the book and take an assessment on the first day of school.

The books will be available for purchase at CCSC in June for $5 each while supplies last.

Summer reading assignments by grade in 2016-17:

Grade 6 Humanities

Grade 7 Humanities

Grade 8 Humanities

Grade 9 Humanities

Grade 10 Humanities

Grade 11:

Grade 12:

Additional Assignments