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CCSC Remote Learning Program

On April 22, Governor Baker announced that all schools in Massachusetts will remain closed through the end of the 2019-20 academic year. At CCSC, we are committed to prioritizing students’ social-emotional and academic health during this time. Based on remote learning guidance from the state, as well as feedback and input from students, families, and staff, we have developed a remote learning program (available here) that will guide our work in May and June. 

Guiding Principles

  • The health and well-being of our students and families are our top priorities. While we want students to complete academic work, we are also mindful that some student and family circumstances may make this difficult. 
  • The academic work we provide will be focused on the core academic skills and content (“power standards”) that students need to be successful next year and beyond.
  • We aim to provide students with the social-emotional and academic supports they need during this difficult time. 

Highlights of Our Remote Learning Program 

  • Teaching & Learning: Teaching and learning will focus on the key academic skills and content students need to be successful next year and beyond. Teachers will provide lessons in a variety of ways -- both live (ex. virtual office hours, whole class teaching) and through other means (ex. assignments posted in Google Classroom, pre-recorded videos, and online platforms). 
  • Communication: We will continue to communicate regularly with students and families, including via Google Classroom and weekly advisory calls. In addition, we created a single, centralized document (see below) with a weekly schedule of all live classes and deadlines, as well as teacher contact information. 
  • Grading: Beginning the week of May 4, some assignments in core academic classes will be considered mandatory.  We have also put policies and guidelines in place in order to ensure this new policy is implemented equitably. 

Weekly Schedule of Live Classes and Assignment Deadlines

The safety and well-being of our community continues to be our top priority.  If students or families are finding that they cannot maintain this schedule for any reason, please contact a teacher, an advisor, or administrator. We will work with you to find a balanced schedule that respects your individual needs.