For the first time this year, all tenth grade students are taking Computer Science.

CCSC teachers spend hundreds of hours each year engaged in professional development exploring ways to better serve students. 

CCSC offers over 30 clubs and sports. 

Every senior is paired with an internship mentor to build skills in a professional work environment. 

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CCSC students

Serving students in grade 6 through 12. 

News and Updates

In the interest of student safety and in wanting to get students home before the snow and rain arrive midday, we are dismissing all students at 11AM. 

  • All athletic and extracurricular activities scheduled for the day are canceled.

  • Students who take the bus will be picked up around noon and will remain on campus, supervised by CCSC adults.

Thanks, as always, for your support. on>

Students will be taking benchmark exams in each of their core courses next Wednesday through Friday, January 17th, 18th, and 19th. Click for information on attendance, dismissal, lunch, and afterschool activities. on>

    This Friday, December 22nd, is a half-day. Students will be dismissed at 11:30am. High School Students will attend a Community Meeting. Middle School students will go on the following Field Trips:

    • 6th Grade: Simoni Ice Skating Rink

    • 7th Grade: Brooklyn Boulders

    • 8th Grade: CAC Gymnasium

      • No Permission Slip required

    • High School: Volpe Auditorium

      • No Permission Slip required on>
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