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Middle School

Transitioning to our Middle School

At CCSC, we recognize that many students need support as they transition from elementary school to the rigors of middle school, which prepares students for high school. The grade 6 through 8 middle school academic program focuses on development and refinement of the important skills students will need in order to be successful in high school (and beyond!).

Our small school and highly personalized approach provides each incoming student with an individualized program that fosters academic excellence and emotional growth. Our middle school students learn quickly how to manage their time and work collaboratively. Students focus on developing academic skills beyond the classroom as well. These include organization, sound decision making, proper study habits, and classroom behavior that maximizes deep engagement and promotes joy in learning.

What to expect

  • Every new student is assigned to an advisor, who communicates with families frequently and becomes their primary liaison with school staff.
  • Coursework in humanities (English + history), mathematics, and science.
  • Rigorous program which demands daily writing, reading, and discussion and builds computational, problem solving, and laboratory skills.
  • Honors options in all classes.
  • High levels of support before school, during the day, and after school.
  • An average of 60-90 minutes of homework daily (with some time provided during the day to begin completing it).
  • Free After School Learning Centers, staffed by general education and special education teachers 3 days each week, to provide students with extra help, as well as optional Before School Learning Lab for students with disabilities 
  • An annual Roundtable Portfolio presentation to family and community members in every year. This is a 45-minute session during which students demonstrate mastery of learning acquired during the year. 
  • An extended school day that begins at 8:30am and ends at 3:40pm, except on Wednesdays when school ends at 1:30pm.
  • The opportunity to play on middle school athletics teams and compete against other schools across the state.
  • Free breakfast and lunch every day for all students.
  • Free transportation for Cambridge students who live more than 1.5 miles from school.