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CCSC’s athletics program offers students the opportunity to compete at the middle school, junior varsity, and varsity levels.  Teams compete in the Massachusetts Charter School Athletic Organization.  CCSC has won the Jack O’Brien Achievement Award, which goes to the school with the highest overall winning percentage across all sports, multiple times.

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    • Varsity Soccer (boys & girls)
    • Varsity Volleyball (girls)
    • Varsity Cross Country (boys & girls)
    • Middle School Soccer (boys & girls)


    • Varsity Basketball (boys & girls)
    • Junior Varsity Basketball (boys & girls)
    • Middle School Basketball (boys & girls)
    • Step
    • Cheer


    • Varsity Baseball (boys) Varsity Softball (girls)
    • Varsity Track and Field (boys & girls)
    • Middle School Track and Field (boys & girls)


    • MCSAO Track and Field State Champions Varsity Girls 2019
    • MCSAO Division 2 Basketball Champions Middle School Boys 2018
    • MCSAO  Basketball State Champions Varsity Girls 2017
    • MCSAO Division II North Basketball Champions Middle School Girls 2017
    • ​MCSAO  Basketball State Champions Varsity Boys 2007

    Questions? Contact Jake Friedman, Athletic Director (617-354-0047 ext. 207 or