Athletics Overview

Spring Athletics Schedules


  • ​MCSAO  Basketball State Champions Varsity Boys 2007
  • MCSAO  Basketball State Champions Varsity Girls 2017
  • MCSAO Division II North Basketball Champions Middle School Girls 2017
  • MCSAO Division 2 Basketball Champions Middle School Boys 2018

CCSC offers students in all grades the opportunity to try out for and play on the school’s athletics teams. CCSC competes in the Massachusetts Charter School Athletic Organization (MCSAO).

The following team sports are offered by season:

• Fall: varsity soccer (girls and boys), varsity and middle school cross country (girls and boys), varsity volleyball (girls)
• Winter: varsity (girls and boys) and middle school basketball (boys intramural) 
• Spring: softball (girls), lacrosse (boys), varsity & middle school track and field (girls and boys), ultimate frisbee (intramural), flag football (intramural), baseball (boys)

See game results on MaxPreps.

Permission forms required for all students participating in athletics in 2017-18.

Student-Athlete Expectations: Representing CCSC as a student-athlete is a privilege.  Student-athletes who fail to uphold school standards will be removed from the team.  This includes, but is not limited to, violating the behavioral standards set forth in the discipline code and/or the academic standards required of student athletes for participation.  A student will not be allowed to practice or play on days when he/she does not attend school.

Every student-athlete will:

  • Meet student-athlete academic eligibility requirements outlined below
  • Have had a physical no more than 13 months prior to the start of each sports season (fall, winter, spring).
  • provide a signed permission form annually to participate in all athletics
  • provide a signed concussion form prior to the start of each athletic season to participate
  •  Adhere to the same behavioral expectations as students in CCSC classrooms .
  • Meet the sportsmanship expectations outlined by the MCSAO.
  • Attend all team-related activities.

A student-athlete’s continued participation is subject to the principals’ and athletic director’s discretion about whether the student has met the above requirements. Suspended students will not be permitted to participate in practice or attend games on the days they are serving a suspension.

Attendance Policy: Students who do not attend school are ineligible to practice or play that day.  Students who are tardy to school may be allowed to play as long as they have arrived at school before 10 a .m .

Academic Eligibility Policy: In order to participate in official league sponsored athletic competition, high school students must maintain a 74 average across credit-bearing courses (70 for middle school students). Students must also be passing all non-credit-bearing courses (art, WAM, learning lab, etc.) with a grade of 70 or higher. Students in double-block humanities classes will have that class count twice toward their numerical average. 

During the fall season, high school student-athletes will be removed from their team if they fail to achieve above a 74 average (70 for middle school students) at three eligibility check-points. During the winter season, student-athletes will be removed from their team if they fail to achieve above a 74 average (70 for middle school students)  at four eligibility check-points. During the spring season, student-athletes will be removed from their team if they fail to achieve above a 74 average (70 for middle school students)  at three eligibility check-points.  

Questions? Contact Karim Gibson, Director of Athletics (617-354-0047 ext. 207 or