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Founded in 2005, the Community Charter School of Cambridge (CCSC) is a public charter school located in Cambridge, MA serving students in grades 6–12. All CCSC students are prepared to succeed in college through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. CCSC makes a difference by engaging each student in meaningful work inside the school as well as within the larger community through internships and community-based projects.

Every CCSC graduate has gained admission to at least one post-secondary institution, with over 90% earning admission to 4-year colleges and universities. College persistence rates for CCSC graduates far surpass national averages for the student demographic CCSC serves.


  • Citizenship
  • Commitment
  • Scholarship
  • Courage

CCSC students benefit from a longer school day, free academic support with our teachers after school, and mentoring programs that build and model good citizenship. CCSC provides an extended school day that ends at 3:40 PM and, on any given day, at least one-third of our students are at school completing homework until 4:30 PM, with help from our teachers and tutors where needed, in our After School Learning Centers.  This additional contact with adults in a structured environment has been instrumental in enhancing the achievement of our students.

Instructional Resources

CCSC has an internally-developed schoolwide instructional vision that guides effective planning and teaching for all faculty, shown in the figure below.

In addition, each academic department at CCSC has a vision statement that guides the way teachers in that department plan and teach. These vision statements are below.

CCSC’s science department has recently updated its curriculum to align to the 2016 Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Framework and the Next Generation Science Standards.