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High School

Preparation for College and Career

Our high school academic program is challenging, global, and focused on demonstrable results. Our team works with each student, preparing their course of study and actively guiding them on their path to ensure that they graduate prepared for what comes after high school. 

What to expect

  • A program designed to explicitly focus on 21st century success skills such as independent problem solving, professional communication, time-management and prioritization, and real-world applications. 
  • Internally developed and culturally relevant college preparatory curriculum that celebrates the richness and diversity of our student body, encourages students to excel, and ensures all are prepared for the rigor of college. Our course of study demands daily writing, reading, discussion, computational thinking, problem solving, and laboratory skills.
  • Coursework in English, history, mathematics, science, and Spanish, in addition to electives at the upper grades.  
  • Advanced Placement offerings, in addition to partnerships with Harvard and Boston Universities, where students can also take courses.
  • Every new student is assigned to an advisor, who becomes the primary liaison between the student, the family, and school staff.
  • Free After School Learning Centers, staffed by general education and special education teachers, to provide students with extra help, as well as a Writing Center that provides individual support to high school students on academic assignments, personal and creative writing, resumes, cover letters, college essays, and more. 
  • A College Counseling program that begins in 9th grade and increases in intensity throughout the high school years at CCSC. Our college counselors work individually with each of our students and their families to ensure all CCSC graduates are accepted to at least one college/university and that they can successfully navigate the financial aid and college scholarship process.
  • Free breakfast and lunch every day for all students.
  • An average of two to three hours of homework per night.
  • An extended school day that begins at 8:30 am and ends at 3:25 pm, except on Wednesdays.
  • An annual Roundtable Portfolio presentation to family and community members every year through grade 11. This is a 45-minute session during which students demonstrate mastery of learning acquired during the year.
  • A 100-hour Senior Internship Program where students are placed in a partner non-profit, university, business, technology company, community center, or other organization throughout Cambridge and the Greater Boston Area, gaining valuable real world experience.
  • An exceptionally strong athletics program and a rich array of extracurricular clubs and activities, available to all students.